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Vip Media, LLC. Of Atlanta is a one stop informational website. Whether you need design, photo, video, sound, internet services,  music promotion or equipment look no further than VIP-Media. biz. We have our own in-house design & marketing team, an accessible photographic studio. Web hosting on the backbone of the world wide web and much more, specializing in the music industry.


Music Promotion for Musicians and Bands

We assist artists and bands with their promotion by combining our full range of services - from recording and producing CDs, graphic design of the packaging, developing the website and advertising to major record labels and radio stations. We can make promotional videoclips to accompany songs or film and edit live performances and produce original publicity photography for CD covers and posters.

Vip-Media.biz will help you gain public & industry awareness giving you free information about the music business.









Now lets get to some basic information about the Music Industry...

A lot of up and coming Musicians ask the question:  How Do I Submit My Demo?

You can submit three ways.. by mail, in person or over the internet. It's best to call or send an email first to ask for submission guidelines and permission to send. Make sure you type a brief cover letter to let the company know who you are and tell them the title of the songs you are sending and why you are submitting to them. For example if you are directing your song for a particular artist let them know. Be prepared to submit  typed lyric sheets or lead sheets if they request it. Label each sheet along with your tape or CD with your name, address and phone number, along with the names of the songs in the order they appear on your recording. Not all companies will return your material so read detailed information. Don't use registered or certified mail unless they request for you to do so.

Just beware of the "Song Shark"  and "Music Mills" we can write many pages on them, however our best advise to you is to read up on the music industry. A lot of information is out there for free. Formularize yourself with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and the Harry Fox Agency. Also make sure you read our information in Musician's Tips on how to copyright your songs with the Library of Congress. Don't use what is known as the poor man's copyright method by mailing a sealed envelope to yourself, it doesn't stand up in court.

Read this important information about how to protect yourself in the music business and be sure to use our Music Resource Links.

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